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St Michaels Cattery

Is bright and  spacious with 
both indoor and outdoor accommodation. 

With views over the garden, pond and bird feeders, there's lots to keep your cat entertained whilst they sunbathe or chill out in the heated beds.

We have spacious single double and family units available 

With the calm and tranquil surroundings your cat is sure to settle in.

Just a little about Me

I'm Lesley Newton and I opened the cattery in 2006 and have been happy caring for cats ever since, its a big commitment with great  responsibility but I love it and can't think of another job I'd rather be doing.

I've made changes and additions to the cattery over the years including the addition of outdoor units and 'cat family' sized units.

The newest addition is this Website, my old one,  had grown with us over 15 years,  but could no longer be supported. So although this one is fresh with cheerful colours it feels like 'new shoes' shiny and tight, but as I get used to it and add more information and photos  and a bit more cattery personality I'm sure it will become more comfortable.

So if what your looking for isn't here Please call me and ask the question  01995 679760

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